Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 42, Number 2, 2010
I. Gutzow, S. Todorova, N. Jordanov, Kinetics of chemical reactions and phase transitions at changing temperature: General reconsiderations and a new approach – Review


K. K. Oza, H. S. Patel, Antimicrobial activity of novel 3-substiuted 5-(pyridine-4-yl)-3H-1,3,4-oxadiazole-2-thione derivatives
S. J. Kokate, Y. S. Shelar, H. R. Aher, S. R. Kuchekar, Liquid-liquid extraction and recovery of bismuth(III) from hydrochloric acid media using n-octylaniline in chloroform
D. Uzun, P. Iliev, D. Vladikova, P. Andreev, S. Balova, V. Nikolova, S. Vassilev, K. Petrov, Electrocatalytic oxidation-reduction reactions of metal-hydrides alloys with teflon-carbon additives
A. Nithya, S. Rajendran, Synergistic effect of ethylphosphonic acid–Zn2+ system in controlling corrosion of carbon steel in chloride medium
S. S. Midudhula, A. Mundra, Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of curcumin by sulphate radical anion in aqueous acetonitrile solutions
S. A. Uzunova, I. M. Uzunov, S. V. Vassilev, A. K. Alexandrova, S. G. Staykоv, D. B. Angelova, Preparation of low-ash-content porous carbonaceous material from rice husks
Chr. Girginov, A. Zahariev, A. Girginov, Areas of ionic, electronic and mixed conductivity in Nb/Nb2O5/electrolyte system
B. Petrova, T. Budinova, B. Tsyntsarski, N. Petrov, G. Bardarska, C. Ania, J. Parra, Phenol adsorption on activated carbons with different structural and surface properties
S. S. Nayak, S. Panda, P. M. Panda, S. Padhy, Studies on acridone derivatives with and without inclusion complex formation with β-cyclodextrin
O. T. Kasaikina, Z. S. Kartasheva, V. D. Kancheva, N. V. Yanishlieva, I. R. Totseva, Consumption of quercetin and rutin in reactions with free radicals
G. Krishnamurthy, M. Sona Bai, Oxidation of lindane in contaminated water under solar irradiation in the presence of photocatalyst and oxidizing agents
A. E. Stoyanova, E. D. Lefterova, V. I. Nikolova, P. T. Iliev, I. D. Dragieva, Е. P. Slavcheva, Water splitting in PEM electrolysis with Ebonex supported catalysts
E. K. Vasileva, K. K. Petrov, V. N. Beschkov, Mathematical modelling of biodegradation of monochloroacetic acid by Xanthobacter autotrophicus GJ10 immobilized in polyacrilamide gel
I. Mitov, A. Andreev, I. Nikolov, P. Andreev, E. Mladenova, K. Petrov, Sulphide ions heterogeneous catalytic oxidation by electrochemical methods