Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 51, Special Issue-F, 2019



Research of specific destruction energy of the porous coatings at power units
Original Research Article
Pages 5 – 10
A. A. Genbach, K. K. Shokolakov, D. Yu. Bondartsev, I. K. Iliev, A. K. Terziev
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3D computer simulation of heat and mass transfer processes to improve the energy efficiency of combustion chambers
Original Research Article
Pages 11 – 18
A.S. Askarova, S.A. Bolegenova, S.A. Bolegenova, R.K. Manatbayev, V.Yu. Maximov, Zh.K. Shortanbayeva, A.O. Nugymanova, A.S. Bergaliyeva
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Numerical simulation of turbulent combustion of pulverized coal flame
Original Research Article
Pages 19 – 25
A. S. Askarova, S. A. Bolegenova,V. Yu. Maximov, S. A. Bolegenova, N. R. Mazhrenova, Zh. K. Shortanbayeva, R. K. Manatbayev, M. R. Mamedova
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Influence of the initial structure on the critical points in solid-state phase transformation of some hypoeutectoid steels
Original Research Article
Pages 26 – 33
C. Dulucheanu, T.L.Severin, A. Potorac, L. Irimescu, J. Javorova
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Comparison of antiviral activity of realgar and nano-realgar against herpes simplex virus type II (HSV-2) in vitro
Original Research Article
Pages 34 – 40
Dan Wang , Li Wang , Rui Xu, Xingan Wu,Yunlan Li
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Increasing the efficiency of photovoltaic cells based on Kazakhstan silicon
Original Research Article
Pages 41 – 48
I. Klinovitskaya, D. Kalygulov, S. Plotnikov, P. Lay
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Radiation modification of BaCe0.85Nd0.15O3-δ I
Original Research Article
Pages 49 – 54
I.V. Khromushin, Yu.V. Yermolaev, N.K. Kasmamytov, T.I. Aksenova, T. Tusseyev, L.A. Stanbay
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Simulations of the macroscopic energy migration diffusion characteristics in upconversion core-shell nanostructures
Original Research Article
Pages 55 – 62
J. F. Liu, T. R. Fu
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Activation and gas sorption performance in Zr-Co-Y getters on Ge substrates
Original Research Article
Pages 63 – 68
Jie Guo, Peng Wu , Jun Yuan, Lichun Sun, Qiong Li, Bingzhe Li
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Thermodynamic analysis of an innovative heat pump using indoor and outdoor air as heat source
Original Research Article
Pages 69 – 76
Jing Li, Fan Yi, Xudong Zhao, Xiaoman Bai, Ali Badiei, Xiaoli Ma
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Screening of Antitumor and Hepatoprotective Activity Components from Hedyotis diffusa
Original Research Article
Pages 77 – 83
Mengjiao Zhang, Hongyan Zhou, Siqing Niu, Xi Chen, Yunlan Li
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Comparative study on the quality control of trihydroxybenzophenones compounds
Original Research Article
Pages 84 – 90
Siqing Niu, Yunlan Li, Xi Chen, Mengjiao Zhang, Qingshan Li
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Simulation of the liquid distribution in the wall zone of a packed column: case study
Original Research Article
Pages 91– 98
T. St. Petrova, D. B. Dzhonova-Atanasova
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Influence of ZnS Sputtering Power on Film Adhesion and Cu2ZnSnS4 Solar Cells
Original Research Article
Pages 99 – 105
Wang Lu,Guo Jie,Hao Ruiting,A. Aierken, Sun Lichun, Qiong Li, Liu Bin,Gu Kang,Sun Shuaihui
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Numerical calculation of the permeability of fibrous porous medium
Original Research Article
Pages 106 – 111
Zh.K. Akasheva, B.K. Assilbekov, A.A. Kudaikulov
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