Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 49, Special Issue-D, 2017
  G. Andreev, Scientific biography of Academician Ivan Juchnovski
V. Nikolova, D. Cheshmedzhieva, S. Ilieva, B. Galabov, Hydrogen bonding reactivities of atomic sites in the nucleobases
S. H. Tsoneva, S. R. Nachkova, G. N. Andreev, P. N. Penchev, Identification of mixture components by multiple linear regression and subtraction of reference spectra: searching infrared and raman libraries
A. D. Kosateva, M. Stefanova, S. P. Marinov, L. Gonsalvesh, Organic components in leachates from some Bulgarian lignites
K. L. Zaharieva, K. I. Milenova, S. V. Vassilev, S. S. Dimova, I. D. Stambolova, V. N. Blaskov, Preparation and comparative photocatalytic study of NiMnO3/Mn2O3 and NiO0.8ZnO0.2/ZnO materials for the removal of Malachite Green dye from aqueous solution
K. I. Milenova, I. A. Avramova, P. M. Nikolov, Comparison of photocatalytic behaviour under UV-light of PdO-CeO2/Al2O3 and PdO-CeO2/ZSM5 for degradation of organic dyes
T. S. Tsoncheva, G. S. Issa, R. N. Ivanova, M. D. Dimitrov, I. P. Spassova, D. G. Kovatcheva, B. G. Tsyntsarski, N. V. Petrov, Activated carbon from waste biomass as host matrix of binary copper and manganese oxide catalysts for methanol decomposition
G. Genova, T. S. Tsoncheva, Silica supported copper and cobalt binary oxides as catalysts for methanol decomposition: Effect of preparation procedure
G. S. Issa, T. S. Tsoncheva, A. N. Mileva, M. D. Dimitrov, D. G. Kovacheva, J. Henych, V. Štengl, Copper supported on nanostructured mesoporous ceria-titania composites as catalysts for sustainable environmental protection: Effect of support composition
E. Cherneva, Ts. Kolev, Diamides of squaric acid containing methioninamide fragment – synthesis, spectral and theoretical investigation
N. Petkova, I. Ivanov, D. Mihaylova, A. Krastanov, Phenolic acids content and antioxidant capacity of commercially available Melissa officinalis L. teas in Bulgaria
L. Gonsalvesh, M. Dimov, S. P. Marinov, Production of adsorbents from "End of Life" tyres and characterization of their porous structure
M. Guncheva, D. Yancheva, V. Uzunova, P. Ossowicz, K. Idakieva, Y. Raynova, E. Janus, R. Tzoneva, Structural destabilization and enhanced cytotoxicity on murine fibroblasts of Helix pomatia ß-hemocyanin in presence of four cholinium amino acids
Y. Raynova, S. Todinova, K. Idakieva, Modification with sodium periodate increases the structural stability of molluscan hemocyanins
R. N. Ivanova, M. D. Dimitrov, D. G. Kovatcheva, T. S. Tsoncheva, Copper and/or cobalt modified nanostructured Ce-Zr mixed oxides as efficient catalysts for ethyl acetate total oxidation
B. Stamboliyska, А. Jashari, D. Yancheva, B. Mikhova, D. Batovska, E. Popovski, K. Mladenovska, Structure and radical scavenging activity of isoxazolo- and thiazolohydrazinylidene-chroman-2,4-diones
R. H. Lyapchev, M. G. Dangalov, G. G. Gencheva, N. G. Vassilev, P. Y. Petrov, Atropisomeric phopshorus-decorated 1-phenyl-3,4-dihydroquinazolin-1-ium NHC precursors
17 L. Gonsalvesh, A. Popova, S. P. Marinov, M. Stefanova, R. Carleer, J. Yperman, The effect of demineralisation on characteristics and adsorption behaviour of activated carbons prepared from swine manure
18 V. Trifonova, K. Vassilev, A. Ahmedova, Metallodendrimers for catalytic epoxidation – theoretical insights into structure of Mo (VI) complexes of poly(propylene imine) dendrimers
19 A. Yordanova, S. Simova, I. Koseva, R. Nikolova, V. Nikolov, R. Stoyanova, Aluminium-scandium tungstates solid solutions Al2-xScx(WO4)3: Al and Sc distribution on a local scale
20 E. Velcheva, B. Stamboliyska, S. Stoyanov, Experimental and DFT studies on the IR spectra and structure of 4-acetamidobenzoic acid (acedoben), its oxyanion and dianion
21 M. N. Marinov, S. M. Bakalova, R. Y. Prodanova, N. V. Markova, Conformational and spectral properties of newly synthesized compounds obtained by reaction of alrestatin with 3-aminocycloalkanespiro-5-hydantoins
22 B. I. Nikolova-Mladenova, L. P. Peikova, M. B. Georgieva, Al. B. Zlatkov, Application of a RP-HPLC method for determination of chemical and physiological stability of two newly synthesized methoxy-benzoylhydrazone derivatives
23 B. I. Nikolova-Mladenova, A. G. Bakalova, In silico drug likeness and in vitro cytotoxic activity of some 3,5-disubstituted hydantoins and spirohydantoins
24 E. Cherneva, R. T. Buyukliev, N. Burdzhiev, R. Michailova, A. G. Bakalova, Synthesis, physico-chemical investigation, DFT calculations and cytotoxic activity of palladium complexes with 3'-amino-4-thiо-1H-tetrahydropyranspiro-5'-hydantoin
25 M. Popova, D. Antonova, V. Bankova, Chemical composition of propolis and American foulbrood: Is there any relationship?
26 A. Trendafilova, M. Todorova, V. Ivanova, I. Aneva, Phenolic constituents and antioxidant capacity of Inula oculus-christi from Bulgaria
27 S. Stoyanov, D. Yancheva, A. Kosateva, IR study on the electrochemical reduction of nimesulide
28 V. Nikolova, S. Angelova, T. Dudev, IIA/IIB group metal cations hosted by β-cyclodextrin: a DFT study
29 S. M. Bakalova, J. Kaneti, N. Markova, Computational study of exo-selective Diels-Alder cycloadditions, catalyzed by aluminum chloride
30 N. V. Georgieva, Z. L. Yaneva1, S. D. Simova, G. D. Nikolova, Synthesis and properties of several Betti bases as potential drugs
31 V. Kurteva, A. Trendafilova, S. Simova, Chemical profile of Artemisia annua from the region of Sliven, Bulgaria. A preliminary NMR study
32 D. Gerginova, D. Dimova, S. Simova, Preliminary NMR and chemometric study of pine jams used as medicinal remedies
33 N. Markova, A. Georgieva, I. Philipova, I. Angelov, V. Enchev, A. Kril, Cytotoxicity assay and intracellular localization of 2-carbamido-1,3-indandione in Balb/c 3T3 cells
34 P. Nikolova, Ch. Georgieva, G. Dimitrov, I. Stoineva, Semisynthesis human insulin: transpeptidation or coupling mechanism?
H. Barakat, I. Khalifa, G. A. Ghazal, A. Shams, P. N. Denev, Chemical composition and nutritional value of seeds from new quinoa accessions, cultivated in Egypt
36 Ts. Kolev, E. Velcheva, B. Stamboliyska, Computational and experimental studies of the IR spectra and structure on violuric acid and its anions
37 I. Eneva, M. Aliosman, I. Angelov, K. Popov, V. Mantareva, Mono-ring phthalocyanine complexes of large ions Lu3+ and Sn4+: synthesis and comparison of photophysical properties
38 Z. Kokanova-Nedialkova, P. Nedialkov, Antioxidant properties of 6-methoxyflavonol glycosides from the aerial parts of Chenopodium bonus-henricus L
39 А. S. Salim, V. P. Bivolarski, T. A. Vasileva, Ilia N. Iliev, Enzymatic synthesis of fructo-oligosaccharides by recombinant levansucrase from Leuconostoc mesenteroides Lm17
40 St. I. Yordanov, A. D. Bachvarova-Nedelcheva, R. S. Iordanova, Influence of ethylene glycol on the hydrolysis-condensation behavior of Ti(IV) butoxide
41 K. Peycheva, I. Bangov, M. Stancheva, Mathematical description of the relation between water and sea organism pollution
42 N.G. Vassilev, Ab Initio SCF study of the barrier to internal rotation in simple amides
43 P. K. Lukova, D. P. Karcheva-Bahchevanska, M. M. Nikolova, I. N. Ilie2, R. D. Mladeno, Comparison of structure and antioxidant activity of polysaccharides extracted from the leaves of Plantago major L., P. media L. and P. lanceolata L
44 E. Velcheva, S. Tapanov, D. Yancheva, S. Soyanov, B. Stamboliyska, Multi-analytical study on the wall paintings of kurilo monastery “St. Ivan Rilski”, Bulgaria