Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 51, Number 2, 2019

Influence of storage time and temperature on the activity of urease
Original Research Article
Pages 159 – 163
B. Alev, S. Tunali, R. Yanardag, A. Yarat
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Effect of ultrasound on the dissolution of Mardin-Mazıdağı (Turkey) phosphate ore in dilute H3PO4 solutions
Original Research Article
Pages 164 – 167
M. Sinirkaya
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Thermo-diffusion effects on the m agnetohydrodynamic natural convection flow of a chemically reactive Brinkman type nanofluid in a porous medium
Original Research Article
Pages 168 – 179
G. S. Seth, R. Kumar, R. Tripathi
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Thermal properties and time-dependent flow behavior of a viscous fluid
Original Research Article
Pages 180 – 184
M.Imran Khan, T. Hayat, M. Ijaz Khan, T. Yasmeen
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The eliminatory effects of cold argon plasma jet on aflatoxin B1 produced by different isolates of Aspergillus section nigri
Original Research Article
Pages 185 – 189
S.Hassanpour, M. Bayat, A. Chaichi Nosrati, M. Ghorannevis, S. Hashemi
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Comparison of ANFIS and ANN modeling for predicting the behavior of a catalytic methane reformer
Original Research Article
Pages 190 – 199
B. Parvizi, A. Khanlarkhani, Y. Palizdar, A.Farshad
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Biotransformation of oleic acid and antimicrobial and anticancer activities of its biotransformatıon extracts
Original Research Article
Pages 200 – 205
Ö. Özşen Batur, Ö. Atlı, İ. Kıran
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Spectrophotometric determination of significant minerals in milk samples found in Lahore (Pakistan) for ensuring food safety
Original Research Article
Pages 206 – 211
R. Rehman, T. Tanveer
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The influence of pigment proportions and calendering of coated paperboards on dot gain
Original Research Article
Pages 212 – 218
S.Sönmez, Ö. Özden
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Optical spectroscopic study of Ru and Rh doped Bi12TiO20 crystals
Original Research Article
Pages 219 – 223
P. M. Rafailov, R. Todorov, V. Marinova, D. Z. Dimitrov, M. M. Gospodinov
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Theoretical insight to intermolecular hydrogen bond interactions between methyl N-(2-pyridyl) carbamate and acetic acid: substituent effects, cooperativity and energy decomposition analysis
Original Research Article
Pages 224 – 233
S. M. Chalanchi, A. Ebrahimi, A. Nowroozi
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Synthesis, antimicrobial and antimalarial activity of 1, 4-benzothiazepine and pyrazoline derivatives incorporating carbazole moiety
Original Research Article
Pages 234 – 241
V.A. Kadnor, S. N. Shelke
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The effects of temperature and ultrasound on the migration of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate from plastic packaging into dairy products
Original Research Article
Pages 242 – 248
D. S. Bogdanović, D. H. Anđelković, I. S. Kostić, G. M. Kocić, T. D. Anđelković
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In vitro study on the antitumor activity of Tanacetum vulgare L. extracts
Original Research Article
Pages 249– 255
A.M. Vasileva, I. A. Iliev, V. S. Lozanov, M. B. Dimitrova, V. I. Mitev, I. P. Ivanov
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Air pollution monitoring with mosses in Western Rhodopes, Bulgaria
Original Research Article
Pages 256 – 260
N.P. Gribacheva, G.M. Gecheva, V.M. Stefanova
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Optimization of high ultrasound-assisted extraction (INEFU) of active components from natural materials by response HPLC-PDA analysis
Original Research Article
Pages 261 – 266
S.B. Seo, Y.M. Kim
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Design, synthesis, structural characterization and cell cytotoxicity of a new derivative poly(maleic anhydride-co-vinyl acetate)/miltefosine polymer/drug conjugate
Original Research Article
Pages 267 – 278
G. Karakus, Z. Akin Polat, M. Karahan
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Optimization of β-carotene solubility in pressurized hot water using a dynamic method and factorial methodology
Original Research Article
Pages 279 – 283
N. Ebrahimi, A. Haghighi Asl, P. Mottahedin
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Modified graphite electrodes as potential cathodic electrocatalysts for microbial electrolysis cells
Original Research Article
Pages 284 – 288
E. Chorbadzhiyska, I. Bardarov, Y. Hubenova, M. Mitov
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Friedel-Crafts acylation of 2-methoxynaphthalene with acetic anhydride catalyzed by phosphotungstic acid in ionic liquid
Original Research Article
Pages 289 – 295
Y. Guo, J. Sun, F. Guo, Yu. He, P. Chen
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