Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 52, Number 1, 2020

Optimization technology of large-size Si(Li) p-i-n structures for X-ray detectors
Original Research Article
Pages 5 – 8
R. A. Muminov, S. A. Radzhapov, A. K. Saymbetov, R. K. Manatbayev, Yo. K. Toshmurodov, N. M. Japashov, N. B. Kuttybay, A. G. Georgiev
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Synthesis, X-ray crystal structure and spectroscopic studies of benzothiazole Schiff base
Original Research Article
Pages 9 – 13
Y. S. Demircioğlu, H. C. Sakarya, Y. Süzen
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The antıoxıdant and antımutagenıc propertıes of dıfferent extracts of Crataegus monogyna subsp. monogyna collected from the Eastern Anatolıa regıon of Turkey
Original Research Article
Pages 14 – 17
S. Ceker, O. Capik, M. Sengül, R. Jaberi, G. Agar
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Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of some new pyrazolyl bipyridyl substituted dicoumarins
Original Research Article
Pages 18 – 28
N. N. Gohil, D. I. Brahmbhatt
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Mechanical analysis of additively manufactured polylactic acid in fused deposition modelling
Original Research Article
Pages 29 – 46
A. Mushtaq, A. Israr, M. Fahad, J. Ahmed
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Synthesis, characterization, deoxyribonucleic acid interaction and antimicrobial studies of Schiff base binuclear transition metal complexes
Original Research Article
Pages 47 – 55
K. Sivakumar, V. Chandrasekaran
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Manufacturing of artificial core based on transparent soil technology: A preliminary experimental study on various grains and pore fluids
Original Research Article
Pages 56 – 61
R. Song, Y. Wang, J. J. Liu
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Geochemical appraisal of Stefanets Member (Etropole Formation) from the eastern part of the West Forebalkan, Bulgaria
Original Research Article
Pages 62 – 67
N. Botoucharov, M. Stefanova, St. Marinov
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Synthesis, characterization, kinetic and thermodynamic evaluation from TG-DTA analysis of new nickel(II) mixed ligand complexes of bidentate salicylaldimine Schiff bases and 1,10-phenanthroline
Original Research Article
Pages 68 – 75
S. Hamza Abbas, H. Hamza Abbas, H. Kadhim Musa
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Flame atomic absorption determination of serum copper and zinc in disordered bone metabolism
Original Research Article
Pages 76 – 80
R. Tomova, S. Asenova, B. Atanasova, K. Tzoneva, M. Slavova
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CO2 capture on diethanolamine-grafted NaY zeolite
Original Research Article
Pages 81 – 85
M. Tajbakhsh, M. Fakhimi Abarghouei, H. Alinezhad, Kh. Niknam
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Low-cost AEM water electrolysis with flat stainless steel electrodes
Original Research Article
Pages 86 – 89
G. Borisov, T. Dimitrov, D. Paskalev, E. Slavcheva
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Development and characterization of walnut shell and date seeds powder in lowdensity polyethylene
Original Research Article
Pages 90 – 97
R. M. Khan, A. Mushtaq, Z. U. Ali, S. Abbasi, R. N. Lodhi, S. M. ul Haq, S. A. Shakeel
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Removal of caprylic acid impregnated on resins using organic solvents and water
Original Research Article
Pages 98– 101
M. A. P. Rocha, N. P. Merlo , M. R. Franco Júnior, N. R. A. F. Rocha, W. A. Pereira
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Investigation and optimization of a novel MAHB reactor for COD and lignin removal and methane production using response surface methodology (RSM) and artificial neural network (ANN)
Original Research Article
Pages 102 – 113
S. R. Hassan, I. Dahlan
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Determination of an effective immunogenic peptide against Acinetobacter baumannii
Original Research Article
Pages 114 – 120
E. Valipour
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Trifunctionalized allenes. Part V. Competitive electrophilic cyclization and cycloisomerization of 4-phosphorylated 5-hydroxy-5-methylhexa-2,3-dienoates
Original Research Article
Pages 121 – 128
I. E. Ismailov, I. K. Ivanov, V. Ch. Christov
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Synthesis of poly-(alkyleneterephthalаte-co-alkylenephosphate)s and their blends with a linear polyurethane
Original Research Article
Pages 129 – 137
V. Mitova, N. Koseva, Z. Todorova, P. Tuleshkov, K. Troev
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Hyperthermia in experimental models of the serotonin syndrome: influence of vigabatrin
Original Research Article
Pages 138 – 141
R. P. Nikolov, K. N. Koleva, M. H. Hristov, K. S. Yakimova
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Optical method for reduction of carbon monoxide intoxication
Original Research Article
Pages 142 – 146
S. Mamilov, S.Yesman, V. Mantareva, E. Borisova, A. Gisbrecht
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Mixed convection flow of a viscoelastic fluid through a vertical porous channel influenced by a moving magnetic field with Hall and ion-slip currents, rotation, heat radiation and chemical reaction
Original Research Article
Pages 147 – 158
J. K. Singh, G. S. Seth, Naveen Joshi and C. T. Srinivasa
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A chemometric method for contamination sources identification along the Oum Er Rbia river (Morocco)
Original Research Article
Pages 159 – 171
A. Benamar, F. Z. Mahjoubi, Gomaa A. M. Ali, F. Kzaiber, A. Oussama
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