Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 52, Special Issue-D, 2020
  A. Oxidative Stress and Human Health    

Investigation of the plasmatic nitric oxide levels in women with preterm birth and women with symptoms of threatened preterm labor
Original Research Article
Pages 7– 12
I. M. Koleva , Y. D. Karamalakova , G. D. Nikolova , M. A. Angelova , V. G. Gadjeva
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Effects of pioglitazone on the hippocampal oxidative status of rats with prenatal valproic acid-induced autistic-like symptoms
Original Research Article
Pages 13 – 17
M. G. Varadinova , J. D. Stefanova , N. G. Hristova-Avakumova , V. A. Hadjimitova , P. P. Markova , R. A. Girchev
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Urinary total antioxidant capacity after unilateral nephrectomy in spontaneously hypertensive rats
Original Research Article
Pages 18 – 22
P. P. Markova, N. G. Hristova-Avakumova , V. A. Hadjimitova , R. A. Girchev
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  B. Natural Bio-antioxidants    

Influence of enzymatic and ultrasonic extraction on phenolics content and antioxidant activity of Hibiscus Sabdariffa L. flowers
Original Research Article
Pages 25 – 29
S. Oancea, M. Perju
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Quantitative determination of ascorbic acid in Callisia fragrans under open-air hydroponic conditions
Original Research Article
Pages 30 – 32
A. S. Karapetyan, S. Kh. Mairapetyan
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IIn vitro Ultraviolet-B radiation mediated antioxidant response of Bulgarian Goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea L.) extract
Original Research Article
Pages 33 – 40
Z. L. Yaneva, E. B. Simeonov , D. G. Ivanova
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Quantification of catechin in Acacia catechu extract by non-derivative, first derivative UV/Vis spectrophotometry and FT-IR spectroscopy
Original Research Article
Pages 41 – 47
Z. Yaneva , D. Ivanova , G. Beev3 , K. Besheva
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Antioxidants in coffee: a DFT mechanistic study of the free radical scavenging activity
Original Research Article
Pages 48 – 53
S. М. Dobrev , S. E. Angelova
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Chemical composition, antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of essential oils from leaves and flowers of Rosmarinus officinalis L.
Original Research Article
Pages 54 – 59
D. G. Teneva , B. G. Goranov , R. S. Denkova-Kostova , Y. M. Hristova-Ivanova , D. I. Klisurova , A. K. Slavchev , Z. R. Denkova , G. A. Kostov
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Antiobesity, antioxidant and hepatoprotective properties of aqueous infusion of Kochia scoparia seeds in rats with diet-induced metabolic syndrome
Original Research Article
Pages 60 – 67
S. Gancheva , M. Tzaneva , S. V. Valcheva-Kuzmanova*, M. D. Zhelyazkova-Savova
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Effects of dwarf elder fruit infusion on nuclear factor kappa B and glutathione metabolism-related genes transcription in a model of lipopolysaccharides challenged macrophages
Original Research Article
Pages 68 – 74
O. B. Tasinov, Y. D. Kiselova-Kaneva, D. G. Ivanova
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Effect of Kochia scoparia on carrageenan-induced paw edema in an experimental model of metabolic syndrome
Original Research Article
Pages 75 – 77
M. R. Abtulov , M. D. Zhelyazkova-Savova , S. M. Gancheva , K. А. Kuzmanov , D. V. Pavlov , V. K. Kuzmanova , A. K. Kuzmanov , M. Т. Salbashian , M. T. Eftimov1 , S. V. ValchevaKuzmanova
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Polyphenol-rich extracts from essential oil industry wastes
Original Research Article
Pages 78 – 83
A. Slavov , I. Vasileva , P. Denev , R. Dinkova , D. Teneva , M. Ognyanov , Y. Georgiev
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Protective effect of gamma-irradiated extract of Aronia Melanocarpa L. in the gastrointestinal tract of healthy mice models
Original Research Article
Pages 84– 88
G. D. Nikolova, Y. D. Karamalakova , S. Momchilova , V. Kancheva , P. Denev , A. Tolekova , V. G. Gadjeva
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Amelioration of bleomycin-induced pulmonary toxicity in murine models by a semiquinone glucoside derivative isolated from Bacillus sp. INM-1
Original Research Article
Pages 89 – 94
Y. D. Karamalakova , G. D. Nikolova , Raj Kumar , A. Tolekova , V. G. Gadjeva
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Antioxidant effects and oxidative stress-modulatory activity of Glycyrrhiza glabra L. root extract against acute toxicity
Original Research Article
Pages 95 – 99
Y. D. Karamalakova, G. D. Nikolova , P. Agarwal , V. G. Gadjeva
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Chemical composition and cytoprotective and anti-inflammatory potential of Sambucus ebulus fruit ethyl acetate fraction
Original Research Article
Pages 100 – 106
O. B. Tasinov, Y. D. Kiselova-Kaneva , N. F. Nazifova-Tasinova , M. N. Todorova , A. B. Trendafilova , D. G. Ivanova
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Effect of mucus extract of Helix aspersa on scopolamine-induced cognitive impairment and oxidative stress in rat’s brain
Original Research Article
Pages 107 – 111
E. Tsvetanova, A. Alexandrova, A. Georgieva , L. Tancheva , M. Lazarova , P. Dolashka , L. Velkova , A. Dolashki , V. Atanasov , R. Kalfin
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Comparative characteristics of polyphenols in extracts of wild and cultivated Bulgarian white oregano
Original Research Article
Pages 112 – 117
S. Baycheva, K. Dobreva
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An ethanol extract ability of cultivated white oregano (Origanum heracleoticum L.) of Bulgarian flora to attenuate oxidative stress effects formed under short-term UV-B radiation
Original Research Article
Pages 118 – 124
S. K. Baycheva , Y. D. Karamalakova, G. D. Nikolova , K. Z. Dobreva , V. G. Gadjeva
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Chlorogenic acid, gallic acid and ferulic acid prevent the development of hyperactivity and anxiety in olfactory bulbectomized rats
Original Research Article
Pages 125 – 130
M. Todorova , R. E. Tashev , S. V. Valcheva-Kuzmanova
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Hepatoprotective effects of Tinospora cordifolia extract against bleomycin-induced toxicity in mice
Original Research Article
Pages 131 – 135
A. N. Tolekova , Y. D. Karamalakova, G. D. Nikolova , Tz. K. Georgiev , V. G. Gadjeva
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Use of silymarin for reducing nephrotoxicity caused by medicaments
Original Research Article
Pages 136 – 141
V. A. Ivanov, V. B. Slavova , D. P. Georgieva , V. H. Petrova-Tacheva , A. N. Tolekova
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Sambucus ebulus extracts exhibit modulatory activity on inflammation and phagocytosis as revealed by changed gene expression in a model of LPS-treated J774A.1 macrophages
Original Research Article
Pages 142 – 148
M. N. Todorova, O. B. Tasinov, M. G. Pasheva, B. K. Galunska, Y. D. Kiselova-Kaneva
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Antioxidant activity and chemical composition of crude extracts from different tobaccos and tobacco blends
Original Research Article
Pages 149 – 154
M. H. Docheva, Y. G. Kochev, D. M. Kirkova, A. B. Stoilova
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Determination of total phenol content and antioxidant activity of five medicinal plants growing in Bulgaria
Original Research Article
Pages 155 – 160
M. A. Gerdzhikova , N. H. Grozeva, M. T. Tzanova, S. R. Terzieva
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Chemical composition, antioxidant activity and total phenol content of six vascular medicinal plants
Original Research Article
Pages 161 – 167
N. H. Grozeva, M. A. Gerdzhikova, M. T. Tzanova
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Phenolic content and antioxidant capacity of Inula britannica from different habitats in Bulgaria
Original Research Article
Pages 168 – 173
V. Ivanova , M. Todorova , M. Rangelov , I. Aneva , A. Trendafilova
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Agrimonia eupatoria tea intake has the potential to change oxidative and inflammatory response of human pbmc to ex vivo lps stimulation – an example of phenotypic flexibility modulation
Original Research Article
Pages 174 – 181
N. F. Nazifova-Tasinova, O. B. Tasinov, D. G. Ivanova, Y. D. Kiselova-Kaneva
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Chemical composition and antioxidant activity of partially defatted milk thistle (Silybum marianum L.) seeds
Original Research Article
Pages 182 – 187
P. N. Denev , M. H. Ognyanov, Y. N. Georgiev, D. G. Teneva, D. I. Klisurova, I. Zh. Yanakieva
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  C. Synthetic Analogues of Natural Bio-antioxidants    

Antioxidant activity evaluation of new compounds - hydrazones of bexarotene
Original Research Article
Pages 191 – 195
N. Agova , S. Georgieva , M. Todorova , Y. Kiselova S. Dimitrova , M. Kacarova
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Structure-activity relationship of in vitro radical-scavenging activity of 2- (hydroxyphenyl) benzothiazole derivatives
Original Research Article
Pages 196 – 200
D. Kirkova, S. Statkova-Abeghe , M. Docheva , Y. Stremski , S. Minkova
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  D. Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Lipid Oxidation    

Interfacial concentrations of catechin in corn oil-in-water emulsions: effects of surfactant concentration, oil-to-water ratio and temperature
Original Research Article
Pages 203 – 211
N. Martínez-Aranda , S. Losada-Barreiro, C. Bravo-Díaz
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  E. Food Analysis, Food Additives and Food Supplements    

In vitro antioxidant activity of Physalis peruviana L. fruits
Original Research Article
Pages 215 – 221
N. T. Petkova , V. T. Popova , T. A. Ivanova , A. S. Stoyanova , N. N. Mazova , N. D. Panayotov
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Impact of the duration of ultrasound-assisted extraction on total phenolics content and antioxidant activity of lupin seeds
Original Research Article
Pages 222 – 226
D. Bojilov , Zh. Petkova, St. Manolov , G. Antova , M. Angelova-Romova
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Antioxidant effect of an aqueous extract of alga Cystoseira stricta during the frozen storage of Atlantic Chub mackerel (Scomber colias)
Original Research Article
Pages 227 – 233
H. Oucif, S. Ali Mehidi , S. P. Aubourg , S.-M. El-Amine Abi-Ayad
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Quality increase of refrigerated fish by employment of a gelatine biofilm including a protein hydrolysate obtained from alga Fucus spiralis
Original Research Article
Pages 234 – 239
D. D. Castro-Enríquez , J. M. Miranda , J. Barros-Velázquez , S. P. Aubourg
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Gamma radiation effects on antioxidant activity of black chokeberry fruits (Aronia Melanocarpa L.) in mice models
Original Research Article
Pages 240 – 247
G. Nikolova, Y. Karamalakova , P. Denev , S. Momchilova , V. Kancheva , A. Zheleva , A. Tolekova , V. Gadjeva
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Flavonoids content in fresh and processed vegetable foods
Original Research Article
Pages 248 – 252
S. P. Tsanova-Savova , Z. A. Savova, F. T. Ribarova
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Preliminary study of phenolic content in farmed Mytilus galloprovincialis from the Black Sea coast
Original Research Article
Pages 253 – 256
D. A. Dobreva, V. Z. Panayotova, A. V. Merdzhanova, R. S. Stancheva, K. Peycheva
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Cytotoxicity of water from five Bulgarian wetlands contaminated by toxigenic cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins
Original Research Article
Pages 257 – 262
O. B. Tasinov , D. G. Vankova, N. F. Nazifova-Tasinova , M. G. Pasheva , Y. D. Kiselova , T. D. Sokrateva , D. L. Ivanov ,B. А. Uzunov , M. P. Stoyneva-Gärtner , D. G. Ivanova
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Instructions to the authors
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