Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 49, Number 3, 2017
P. Vural, M. Karahan, P. Pelit Arayici, Z. Mustafaeva, Radiation induced formation of poly (N-isopropyl acrylamide)-bovine serum albumin covalent conjugates and their immunogenicity
H. Kiyani, H. Darbandi, One-pot three-component synthesis of 1-amidoalkyl-2-naphthols in the presence of phthalimide-N-sulfonic acid
H.A Ewais, I.M Ismail, K.H. Al-Fahami, Kinetic studies on the formation of silver nanoparticles by reduction of silver(I) with glucose in aqueous and micellar media
N. Lihareva, O. Petrov, Y. Tzvetanova, Modelling of Cs+ uptake by natural clinoptilolite from water media
L.R. Sassykova, A. Nalibayeva, Sh.A. Gil'mundinov, Development of technology of synthesis of catalysts for neutralization of emissions of the industry and motor transport
6 K.S. Damov, I.P. Jordanov, A.S. Antonov, M.T. Iliev, Characterization of aerodispersed systems with increased concentration according to the kinematic viscosity and mass density of their aerosol phase
7 R. Dobrucka, The biological synthesis of anatase titanium dioxide nanoparticles using Arnicae anthodium extract
8 D.A.Baiseitov, M.I. Tulepov, L.R. Sassykova, Sh.E. Gabdrashova, A.N. Magazova, O. Dalelkhanuly, Zh.B. Kudyarova, Z.A.Mansurov, Catalytic hydrogenation of coal of the kazakhstan fields in presence of polymers
9 S. Karvar, H. Rezagholipour Dizaji, Unidirectional growth of CoNi(SO4)2.12H2O single crystal by Sankaranarayanan–Ramasamy (SR) method
10 J. Erkmen, Effect of residual gases in the electrodialysis cell on mass transfer
11 Bu Yahui, Gas-liquid flows in porous media and coupling effects
12 C. Andries, M. Manea, C.L. Pocanschi, A. Pui, G. Drochioiu,V.R. Gradinaru, Coordination behavior of Coenzyme A towards gold ions: Spectroscopic, mass spectrometric and microbiological studies
13 Y.G. Karakirova, K. Nakagawa, N. D. Yordanov, Investigation of sugar irradiated with He, Ne and C ions for dosimetric purposes
14 C.Z. Ke, N. Wang, W.X. Li, W.Z Shi, Z. H. Fei, Adsorption properties of 4-Phenylphenol in aqueous solution with adsorption resins chemically modified
15 V.T. Angelova, V. Valcheva, N. Vassilev, R. Buyukliev, R. Mihaylova, G. Momekov, Synthesis, in vitro antiproliferative and antimycobacterial activity of thiazolidine-2,4-dione and hydantoin derivative
16 K.L. Zaharieva, K.I. Milenova, M.G. Shopska, M.P. Tsvetkov, A.E. Eliyas, G.B. Kadinov, photocatalytic ability of abiotic and biotic materials for discoloration of malachite green and reactive Black 5 dyes
17 H.L. Bai, J. Wang, C.M. Liu, Chromatography of separation and qualitative, quantitative analysis biflavonoids from crude extract of Selaginellatamariscina
18 F.B. Emre, F. Okuşluk, S. Tekin, S. Sandal, Investigation on the effect of nano-TiO2 synthesized by the hydrothermal method on LNCaP cancer cells
19 Jinhua Chen, Juan Wen, The degradation and corrosion characteristics of blended amine solution in the coal bed methane decarburization process
20 W.H. Sun, S.J. Dai, W.G. Liu, L.T.Yu2, Study on removing impurity from magnesite ore by two step reverse flotation. Study on removing impurity by two step reverse flotation
21 Y.-l. Feng, L.-j. Yu, R.-w. Cao, Adsorption of Copper ions by Montmorillonite/Sodium Humate/N-Isopropyl Acrylamide composite
22 H. Merouani, A. Ounissi, N. Ouddai, DFT study of nitrogenated heterocycles of six and seven links
23 T. Li, W. H. Xu, Y. R. Chai, Z. Y. Wang, D. T. Xie, Differences of Cd uptake and expression of Cd-tolerance related genes in two varieties of ryegrasses
24 B. Boyadjiev, Chr. Boyadjiev, New models of industrial column chemical reactors
25 B. Boyadjiev, Chr. Boyadjiev, New models of industrial column absorbers. 1.Co-current absorption processes
26 B. Boyadjiev, Chr. Boyadjiev, New models of industrial Column Absorbers. 2.Counter-current absorption process
27 B. Norouzi, S. Tajjedin, Application of modified carbon paste electrode with multiwall carbon nanotube as a simple and an effective catalyst for determination of cefixime in real samples
28 M.M. Amin, H. Khanahmad, F. Teimouri, M. Sadani, M.A. Karami, I. Rahimmanesh, Improvement of biodegradability of explosives using anaerobic- intrinsic bioaugmentation approach760
29 I. Fidan, D. S. Dasdan, F. Karaman, S. Kaban, Surface characterization of thiazolidinone derivatives by inverse gas chromatography