Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 51, Number 3, 2019

Pages 303-304
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Voltammetric detection of hydrochlorothiazide at molybdenum oxide modified screen-printed electrodes
Original Research Article
Pages 305 – 311
M.F. Khanfar, E. S. M. Abu-Nameh*, A. T. Afaneh, M. M. Saket, A. Ahmad, W. Faraj, M. Khalil, H. Al Khotaba, M. Al Bujog
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The effect of plastic waste and elemental sulfur additives on chemical and physical properties of bitumen
Original Research Article
Pages 312 – 314
M. Ashjari, S. Masoud Kandomal
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Comparative removal of naphthalene by adsorption on different sand/bentonite mixtures
Original Research Article
Pages 315 – 325
S. Rennane, N. Bendjaballah-Lalaoui, M. Trari
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Ibuprofen/β-CD complexation by controlled annealing of their mechanical mixture
Original Research Article
Pages 326 – 331
St. Pereva, Ts. Sarafska, V. Petrov, M. Spassova, S. Bogdanova, T. Spassov
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A novel approach to analyze total amino acids contents of food samples by computational image scanning densitometry
Original Research Article
Pages 332 – 336
W. Uz-Zaman, R. Rehman, J. Zafar
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Rapid photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue, tartrazine and brilliant green dyes by high-flux UV irradiation photolysis reactor
Original Research Article
Pages 337 – 341
R. Rehman, W. Uz-Zaman, A. Abbas, L. Mitu
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Comparative study of the methods for the determination of organic carbon and organic matter in soils, compost and sludge
Original Research Article
Pages 342 – 347
V. R. Angelova, V. I. Akova, K. I. Ivanov
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Theory of staircase cyclic voltammetry of two electrode reactions coupled by a chemical reaction
Original Research Article
Pages 348 – 357
Š. Komorsky-Lovrić, M. Lovrić
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IR/Raman characterization of Au-mercaptotriazole crystals
Original Research Article
Pages 358 – 364
S. B. Dimitrijević, S. Č. Alagić, M. M. Rajčić-Vujasinović, S. P. Dimitrijević, A. T. Ivanović
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Removal of LAS from water by activated carbon and resins in continuous process
Original Research Article
Pages 365 – 371
M. R. Franco Júnior, N. R. A. F. Rocha, W. A. Pereira, N. P. Merlo
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The influence of isochronal aging on the mechanical and thermophysical properties of the EN AW-6060 aluminum alloy
Original Research Article
Pages 372 – 377
U. Stamenković, S. Ivanov, I. Marković
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Phytochemical screening and antimicrobial activity of extracts of Cassia alata L. leaves and seeds
Original Research Article
Pages 378 – 383
P. T. Q. Le
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Degradation of cyanide from gold processing effluent by H2O2, NaClO and Ca(ClO)2 combined with sequential catalytic process
Original Research Article
Pages 384 – 393
M. S. Kamrani, K. Seifpanahi-Shabani, A. Seyed-Hakimi, G.A.M. Al, Sh. Agarwa, V. K. Gupta
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Characterization of raw and chemically activated natural zeolite as a potential sorbent for heavy metal ions from waste water
Original Research Article
Pages 394 – 399
N. S. Krstić, M. N. Stanković, D. M. Đorđević, V. D. Dimitrijević, M. Marinković, M. G. Đorđević, A. Lj. Bojić
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Effect of tomato juice storage on vitamin C and phenolic compounds and their stability over one-year period
Original Research Article
Pages 400 – 405
N. V. Pavlović, J. D. Mladenović, N. M. Zdravković, Đ. Z. Moravčević, D. Ž. Poštić, J. M. Zdravković
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Photocatalytic degradation of the pharmaceuticals Paracetamol and Chloramphenicol by Ln–modified ZnO photocatalysts
Original Research Article
Pages 406 – 413
N. Kaneva, A. Bojinova, K. Papazova, D. Dimitrov
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On the role of texture and physicochemical characteristics on adsorption capacity of granular activated carbon
Original Research Article
Pages 414 – 420
N. Pasupulety, H. Driss, A. A. Al-Zahrani, M. A.Daous and L. A. Petrov
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Study of degradation phenomenon for transmission lubricants
Original Research Article
Pages 421 – 427
I. Radulescu, A. V. Radulescu
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Analysis of the changes in the main characteristics and antioxidant properties in raspberries of "Rubin" variety depending on the altitude
Original Research Article
Pages 428 – 432
S. I. Papanov, Ek. G. Petkova, I. G. Ivanov, St. D. Ivanova, D. I. Popov
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Mechanochemically synthesized N-doped ZnO for photodegradation of ciprofloxacin
Original Research Article
Pages 433 – 438
N.G. Kostova, M. Fabian, E. Dutkova
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Photocatalytic behavior of ZnSe-TiO2 composite for degradation of methyl orange dye under visible light irradiation
Original Research Article
Pages 439 – 444
N. G. Kostova, M. Achimovicova, M. Fabian
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Toxicity prediction of organophosphorus compounds by QSAR
Original Research Article
Pages 445 – 451
A. Hatipoglu, S. Aydogdu, H. Dedeoglu, D. Civan
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Study on fatigue properties of basic magnesium sulfate cement reinforced concrete beams based on response surface methodology
Original Research Article
Pages 452 – 456
J. Zhang, Y. Wen, L. Chen
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Copper leaching from chalcopyrite concentrate by sodium nitrate in sulphuric acid solution – chemometric approach
Original Research Article
Pages 457 – 463
M. D. Sokić, B. R. Marković, L. L. Pezo, S. B. Stanković, A. S. Patarić, Z. V. Janjušević, B. Lj. Lončar
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Pages 464-464
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