Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 52, Number 2, 2020

Solutions and thermodynamic properties of three pharmacologically important drugs in ethanol
Original Research Article
Pages 179 – 183
K.Mehmood, M. Shakeel, M. Siddiq
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Microwave-assisted synthesis of 2,2′-(2-oxindoline-3,3′-diyl)-bis(1H-inden-1,3(2H)dione) derivatives using SBA-Pr-SO3H and their antibacterial activities study
Original Research Article
Pages 184 – 188
G. Mohammadi Ziarani, Z. Hassanzadeh, A. Badiei, S. Asadi, A. Abolhassani Soorki
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Process optimization for copper sorption onto synthetic zeolite NaX
Original Research Article
Pages 189 – 196
S.Svilović, D. Rušić, R. Stipišić, N. Kuzmanić
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Comparative analysis of phenolic and mineral composition of traditionally used wild medicinal plants from Southeast Serbia
Original Research Article
Pages 197 – 202
J. M. Velicković, E. J. Kostić
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Comparison of selenium determination in bone tissue samples from lambs, piglets and calves by spectrophotometry and inductively coupled plasma – tandem mass spectrometry
Original Research Article
Pages 203 – 207
L. Dospatliev, M. Ivanova
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Development of a novel agitated vessel for gas-induction to improve the gas-liquid mass transfer
Original Research Article
Pages 208 – 213
G. Chinnasamy, S. Kaliannan, P. M. Jeganathan
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Optimization of an organic waste biogas reactor
Original Research Article
Pages 214 – 229
A. Ullah, A. Mushtaq, R. Ahmed Qamar, Z. Uddin Ali
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Estimation of mineral, trace element and fatty acid profile of Anatolian water buffalo milk
Original Research Article
Pages 230 – 236
O. Ağyar, A. S. Ertürk, A. Özkaya, M. G. Sucak, Y. Şahin
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4-Methyl-7-alkynyl coumarin derivatives as potent antimicrobials and antioxidants
Original Research Article
Pages 237 – 244
M. N. Joy, Y. D. Bodke, S. Telkar
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Optimization of the bi-functional oxygen electrode (BOE) structure for application in a Zn-air accumulator
Original Research Article
Pages 245 – 249
B. Abrashev, D. Uzun, A. Kube, N. Wagner, K. Petrov
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Clerodane diterpenoids isolated from Bulgarian species of genus Teucrium (Lamiaceae)
Original Research Article
Pages 250 – 258
P.I. Bozov
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Stability analysis and multiple solutions of a hydromagnetic dissipative flow over a stretching/shrinking sheet
Original Research Article
Pages 259 – 271
M. R. Mishra, S. M. Hussain, O. D. Makinde, G. S. Seth
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Effect of oxidative stress on angiotensin II-induced smooth muscle contractile activity of urinary bladder from fructose fed rats
Original Research Article
Pages 272– 277
T. K. Georgiev, P. V. Hadzhibozheva, Y. D. Karamalakova, G. D. Nikolova, G. A. Krastev, I. Nedevska, R. Stojanov, A. N. Tolekova, V. G. Gadjeva
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Fast-growing tree species as sugars sources
Original Research Article
Pages 278 – 283
N. Yavorov, I. Valchev
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Synthesis and hydrolytic stability of new analogues of Bactenecin 2A
Original Research Article
Pages 284 – 288
E. Valipour
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Selected papers presented on the 16th National Catalysis Conference, Bulgarian catalysis Club, Sofia, June 27, 2019


Kinetics and mechanism of the ozone reaction with cyclohexanol in solution
Original Research Article
Pages 291 – 296
M. P. Anachkov, P. A. Karakashkova, V. F. Georgiev, S. K. Rakovsky, L. S. Minchev, T. T. Batakliev
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Preparation and electromagnetic properties of epoxy/organoclay/MWCNT/gold nanocomposites
Original Research Article
Pages 297 – 299
V.A. Angelov, T. T. Batakliev, V. F. Georgiev, E. H. Ivanov, R. K. Kotsilkova
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Ozone decomposition on the surface of a novel Mn-Al catalyst in gas phase
Original Research Article
Pages 300 – 304
T.Batakliev, V. Georgiev, M. Gabrovska, D. Nikolova, S. Rakovsky
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Parameter optimization of photocatalytic reactors using Taguchi-Grey technique
Original Research Article
Pages 305 – 309
А. E. Eliyas, G. Munteanu, P. Karakashkova, M. Fabian
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Efficient squaraine dye photosensitized TiO2/rGO catalyst with enhanced catalytic activity for degradation of Methylene Blue
Original Research Article
Pages 310 – 315
V.F. Georgiev, S. I. Minkovska, T. T. Batakliev, P. A. Karakashkova, M. P. Anachkov
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Biomass-based nanoporous carbon as catalyst support for production of hydrogen by methanol degradation
Original Research Article
Pages 316 – 319
I. Stoycheva, T. Tsoncheva1, B. Tsyntsarski, B. Petrova, G.Georgiev, A. Sarbu, A. Radu, T.Sandu
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Activity and selectivity of Co-Pd/TiO2 catalysts in CO hydrogenation
Original Research Article
Pages 320 – 327
M.G. Shopska, I. Zh. Shtereva, H. G. Kolev, K. I. Aleksieva, S. Zh. Todorova, G. B. Kadinov
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