Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 46, Number 4, 2014
A. Gharib, L. Vojdanifard, N. Noroozi Pesyan, B. R. Hashemi Pour Khorasani, M. Jahangir, M. Roshani, Synthesis of bis-2,3-dihydroquinazolin-4(1H)-ones and 2,3-dihydroquinazolin-4 (1H)-ones derivatives with the aid of silica-supported Preyssler nanoparticles (SPNP)
F. Naderi, A computational study on the smallest exohedrally functionalized fullerenes, C20X8 (X = H, F, Cl, Br, NH2, OH and CN)
Z. Moradinejad, A. Bahari, S. M. Aghajanpour Mir, S. N. Mousavi Kani, Synthesis and structural investigation of La2O3 doped anthracene nanocrystallites as an advanced dielectric material
K. A. El-Sharkawy, M. M. Said, G. Dardas, Synthesis and antitumor activity of some fused heterocyclic compounds based on cyclohepta[b]thiophene derivatives
A. Ghorbani-Choghamarani, G. Azadi Sh. Mallakpour, Simple and efficient heterogeneous media for the oxidation of urazole derivatives to their corresponding triazolinediones via in situ generation of Cl+
G. S. Seth, S. M. Hussain, S. Sarkar, Effects of Hall current and rotation on an unsteady MHD natural convection flow with heat and mass transfer past an impulsively moving vertical plate in the presence of radiation and chemical reaction
G. Mohammadi Ziarani, A. Badiei, N. Lashgari, T. Pourjafar, Z. Farahani, Silica-based sulfonic acid (SiO2-Pr-SO3H): an efficient catalyst in the green one-pot synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidinones/thiones
T. B. Shaik, S. Chennamsetty, S. R. Devineni, N. R. Shaik, N. D. Mundla, J. P. Rajkumari, N. R. Chamarthi, Catalyst-free green synthesis of urea and thiourea derivatives of tetramethylguanidine (TMG) and evaluation of biological activity
R. Hajikhani, A. Ahmadi B. Nahri-Niknafs, Microwave assisted synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of phosphonohydrazone derivatives
M. T. Baei, H. Mohammadian, S. Hashemian, B12N12 nanocage as a potential adsorbent for the removal of aniline from environmental systems
P.C. Mukesh Kumar , J. Kumar, S. Sendhilnathan, R.Tamilarasan, S.Suresh, Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Analysis of Al2O3 Nanofluid as Coolant in Shell and Helically Coiled Tube Heat Exchanger
12 M. Ataur Rahman, A. K.Shakya , S. Wahab, N. H. Ansari , Synthesis of some new thiadiazole derivatives and their anticonvulsant activity
13 A. Akbari, Z. Azami-Sardooei, Simple method for the synthesis and antibacterial activity of 2-amino-3-cyano-1,4,5,6-tetrahydropyrano[3,2-c] quinolin-5-one derivatives
14 F. Öztürk, D. Koyuncu Zeybek, E. Kilic, Voltammetric behavior of lercanidipine and anodic adsorptive stripping voltammetric method for assay in pharmaceutical dosage forms and biological fluids
15 M. Djordjević, A. R. Radivojević, M. A. Pavlović, M. G. Djordjević, M. N. Stanković, I. M. Filipović, S. I. Filipović, Preliminary geochemical investigation of karst barré from eastern Serbia Sokobanja basin
16 P. Padhi, S. K. Rout, D. Panda, Effect of modification of zeolite A using sodium carboxymethylcellulose (CMC)
17 F. V. Tsvetanova, K. K. Petrov, Influence of pH and aeration on 2,3-butanediol production from glucose by Klebsiella pneumoniae G31
18 T. H. Bokhari, M. A. Aslam, S. Hina, N. B. Rizvi, N. Rasool, M. J. Saif, M. Zubair, A. I. Hussain, S. A. Shahid chatha, M.Riaz, Mineral composition, phenolic profile, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of Corchorus depressus roots extracts
19 A.M. Amani, Synthesis, characterization and biological activities of some novel isatin derivatives
20 Jj. Guo, Jy. Zhang, Y. Yue, Y. Guo, Mechanism of mercury removal by a novel hydrazine hydrate-modified pectin
21 F. K. Alanazi1, A.A. Radwan1, N. Haq2,3, I. A. Alsarra2,3, F.Shakeel, Validated UHPLC-DAD method for quantification of cholesteryl-succinyl-5-fluorouracil conjugate
22 S. P. Dimitrijević, Z. Anđić, Ž. Kamberović, S. B. Dimitrijević, N. Vuković, Recycling of silver-plated brass for production of high purity copper and ultrafine silver powder for electric contacts
23 R. Hajinasiri, A. Gholami Orimi, Solvent-free (Neat) synthesis of stable phosphorus ylides using alkyl phenylcarbamates
24 M. Abbas, N. Rasool, M. Riaz, M. Zubair, M. Abbas, Noor-ul-Haq, N. Hayat, GC-MS profiling, antioxidant, and antimicrobial studies of various parts of Carissa grandiflora
25 R. H. Georgieva, A. K. Detcheva, M. G. Karadjov, S. E. Mitsiev, J. H. Jordanov, E. H. Ivanova, Determination of the trace element content in Bulgarian bottled potable waters by total reflection X-ray fluorescence analysis
26 The 2nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Engineering Technology (APCET 2014)
27 Xu Han, Lei Cai, Huiping Deng, Jun Shi, The study of TiO2-ZrO2 preparation and its elimination efficiency on triclosan
28 Xudong Jiang, Zhedong Yuan, Xiong Yu, Weicheng Zhou, Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of some new 1β-methylcarbapenem derivatives having pyrrolidine or piperidine moieties
29 Qing Lin, Zhimin Ji, Haifu Huang, Yun He, Jianmei Xu, Spin-glass behavior and magnetic studies of nickel-iron multi-metal Prussian blue complexes Ni0.75Cu0.75[Fe(CN)6]•6.3H2O
30 Zhijun Zhang, Yuekai Zhang, Shiwei Zhang, Tianyi Su, Wenhui Zhang, Yuanhua Xie, Lili Zhao, Capillary pressure effect on vacuum drying process of porous medium modeling
31 Dongxiao Niu, Yan Lu, Di Wu, Development of a novel thermal storage molten-salt filled with nanoparticles for concentration solar plants
32 Chen Yingjie, Liu Zhipeng, Dai Peigang, Liu Lan, The effect of flame retardant additives on the combustion performance of flexible polyurethane foam
33 Y. M. Wang, W. Z. Wang, Z. L. Shao, D. M. Wang, G. Q. Shi, Innovative prediction model of carbon monoxide emission from deep mined coal oxidation
34 D.Z. Yang, F.D.Chen, Y.B. Zhou, Z.L. Xiu, QSAR study on the pheromone of the turnip moth Agrotis segetum used as RDF descriptor
35 Wei Cai, Guo Zhen Xie, Jun Ming Li , Le Xian Zhu, Shi Lin Ddong, Effect of thermophysical properties on forced convective hot air drying of multi-layered porous materials
36 Wei Cai, Wei Gu, Lexian Zhu, Wen Lv, Chunli Xia, Bo Ding, Photocatalytic oxidation of gaseous acetone and ethanol mixtures over titanium dioxide powders
37 Erratum