Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 50, Special Issue-G, 2018

Pages 4-4
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Numerical heat transfer simulation of solar-geothermal hybrid source heat pump in Kazakhstan climates
Original Research Article
Pages 7 – 13
G. Saktashova, A. Aliuly, Ye. Belyayev, M. Mohanraj, Rao Martand Singh
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Electrical and thermal output characteristics investigation on a solar trough concentrating PV/T system
Original Research Article
Pages 14 – 20
Jinkang Wang, Xu Ji, Qiang Wang, Rongkang Fan, Guoliang Li, Ming Li
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Investigation of thermal behaviour of innovative Water Flow Glazing modular unit
Original Research Article
Pages 21 – 27
M. Nikolaeva-Dimitrova, M. Stoyanova, Pl. Ivanov, K. Tchonkova, R. Stoykov
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Potential of corrosion and/or deposition of solid phases in the thermal waters in the region of Sofia Valley, Bulgaria, depending on their chemical composition
Original Research Article
Pages 28 – 33
Mila Trayanova, Vladimir Hristov, Radostina Atanassova, Edith Haslinger, Otmar Plank, Stefan Wyhlidal, Aleksey Benderev
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In-situ measurements of the soil thermal properties for energy foundation applications in São Paulo, Brazil
Original Research Article
Pages 34 – 41
T. S. O. Morais, C. H. C. Tsuha
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An investigation of the ammonia adsorption performance on different adsorbents for cooling applications
Original Research Article
Pages 45 – 52
A.F. Altun, M. Kılıç
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The use of a new “clean” technology for burning low-grade coal in on boilers of Kazakhstan TPPs
Original Research Article
Pages 53 – 60
A. S. Askarova, S. A. Bolegenova, A. Georgiev, S. A. Bolegenova, V. Yu. Maximov, R.К. Manatbayev, A. B. Yergaliyeva, A. O. Nugymanova, Zh.Т. Baizhuma
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The computational study of heat and mass transfer processes at combustion of pulverized Kazakh coal in real conditions of energy objects
Original Research Article
Pages 61 – 67
A.S. Askarova, S. A. Bolegenova, V.Yu. Maximov, S. A. Bolegenova, A.O. Nugymanova, M. T. Beketayeva, Sh.S. Ospanova, Manatbayev R.K.
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Investigation of the different Reynolds numbers influence on the atomization and combustion processes of liquid fuel
Original Research Article
Pages 68 – 77
A.S. Askarova, S.A. Bolegenova, V.Yu. Maximov, S.A. Bolegenova, Sh.S. Ospanova, M.T. Beketayeva, A.O. Nugymanova, N.V. Pilipenko, Zh.K. Shortanbayeva, K.S. Baktybekov, A.B. Syzdykov
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Atmospheric dispersion modelling and radiological safety analysis for a hypothetical accident of liquid-fuel thorium molten salt reactor

Original Research Article
Pages 78 – 85
Bo Cao, Weijie Cui, Irsa Rasheed, Yixue Chen
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Simulation and thermodynamic analysis of a regenerative and recuperative organic Rankine cycle
Original Research Article
Pages 86 – 95
E. Ozdemir Kucuk, M. Kılıç
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Evaluation of mass flowing with COP for triple effect absorption refrigeration system
Original Research Article
Pages 96 – 101
Kenan Saka
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Comparative performance analysis of a two-bed adsorption cooling system with adsorption of different adsorbates on silica-gel
Original Research Article
Pages 102 – 110
M. Kılıç
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Reducing CO2 concentration in city centres with green roofs implementation: Case study Belgrade, Serbia
Original Research Article
Pages 111 – 119
M. Lalošević, M. Komatina, B. Živković, M. Miloš
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Energy efficiency of wind power plants, Case of Lithuania
Original Research Article
Pages 120 – 129
R. Tamašauskas, P. Bruzgevičius, J. Šadauskienė, D. Nikolic
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Modelling of capillary coatings and heat exchange surfaces of elements of thermal power plants
Original Research Article
Pages 133 – 139
A. A. Genbach, D. Yu. Bondartsev, I. K. Iliev
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The study of the effect of chromium boron (CrB2) hardening additive on the developed pg-z40 surfacing powder
Original Research Article
Pages 140 – 145
B.K. Kenzhaliev, V.G. Mironov, G.T. Shilov, Zh.B. Ilmaliyev, D.K. Yermekov
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Numerical simulation of the coal dust process to the emission of nitrogen oxides
Original Research Article
Pages 146 – 152
B. Ongar, I. K. Iliev
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Growth mechanism and photoluminescence property of flower-like ZnO by hydrothermal method
Original Research Article
Pages 153 – 157
Bo Cao, Irsa Rasheed
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Critical points in solid-state phase transformation of a steel with 0.087% C and 0.511% Mn, determined through dilatometric analyses
Original Research Article
Pages 158 – 164
C. Dulucheanu, T.L. Severin, A. Potorac, L. Irimescu
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Influence of reprocessing by melt-mixing and thermo-formation of polyolefin fractions, separated from wastes, on their calorific power
Original Research Article
Pages 165 – 171
L. Costiuc, L. Baltes, S. Patachia, M. Tierean, A. Lunguleasa
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Multilayer CrN/TiN coatings deposited at low temperatures by unbalanced magnetron sputtering for implant applications
Original Research Article
Pages 172 – 180
S. N. Rabadzhiyska, L. P. Kolaklieva, T. M. Cholakova, R. D. Kakanakov, V. Chitanov, P. K. Stefanov, G. B. Atanasova, K. T. Balashev, B. S. Rangelov, S. B. Atanasova
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Wood derived hard carbon anode material for low-cost sodium-ion batteries towards practical application for grid energy storage
Original Research Article
Pages 181 – 186
Ş. Patat, A. Ülgen, S. Yıldız, A. R. Türkmen, T. Öztürk
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Mathematical modelling concerning the influence of chemical composition upon hardness of cadmium telluride crystal - Part 2
Original Research Article
Pages 187 – 196
T. L. Severin, A. Potorac, C. Dulucheanu, L. Irimescu
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Effect of the heat treatment on mechanical and structural properties of CrTiAlN coatings deposited at low temperature
Original Research Article
Pages 197 – 204
T.M. Cholakova, L.P. Kolaklieva, R.D. Kakanakov, V.A. Chitanov, B. S. Ranguelov, S. Atanasova-Vladimirova, P. K. Stefanov, G. B. Atanasova, K. T. Balashev
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Investigation of triple Cr-Ti-based nitride coatings depending on the graded transition layers
Original Research Article
Pages 205 – 211
V. A. Chitanov, L. P. Kolaklieva, T. M. Cholakova, R. D. Kakanakov
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3-D simulation of simultaneous heat and mass transfer of apple
Original Research Article
Pages 215 – 224
B. Turkan, A.S. Canbolat, A.B. Etemoglu
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Study on mechanical behaviour of agar gel in compression mode
Original Research Article
Pages 225 – 229
Hao Yu, Jinghu Yu, Minmin Zhan
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Energy efficiency of impulse drying regimes of beetroot
Original Research Article
Pages 230 – 235
M. G. Georgieva, At. I. Tashev, D. G. Atanasov, V. Zh. Georgiev
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Application possibilities of open-source software for microbiological analyses
Original Research Article
Pages 239 – 245
A. M. Danev, R. N. Gabrova, T. Yaneva-Marinova, A. I. Angelov
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Study on driving mechanical model of microcapsules based on fluid-structure interaction in intestinal tract
Original Research Article
Pages 246 – 252
Xiao Li, Jinghu Yu
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Antitumor activity of orthogonal array designed extracts from different part of hedyotis diffusa on human hepatocellular carcinoma HepG2
Original Research Article
Pages 253 – 259
Yunlan Li,Hongyan Zhou, Yulian Xu, Lin Niu, PuGuo, Lanlan Miao,Qingshan Li
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Interaction ability of metallic dibutylitin antitumor drug DPDCT with human liver isoenzyme CYP3A4 which metabolized exogenous substances
Original Research Article
Pages 260 – 269
Yunlan Li, Ying Wei, Xiaoqing Ji, Dan Wang, Xiaozhi Qiao, Qingshan Li
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