Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 51, Special Issue-D, 2019

Pages 1-2
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Complex formation and liquid-liquid extraction of the ion-pair of molybdenum(VI) with 3,5-dinitrocatechol and 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5diphenyl-2H-tetrazolium bromide
Original Research Article
Pages 3 – 7
K. T. Stojnova, V. V. Divarova, P. V. Racheva, K. G. Bozhinova, V. D. Lekova
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Novel complexes of N-substituted-4,5-dimethoxy-phenylethyl-2-arylketoamides with metal ions
Original Research Article
Pages 8 – 11
P. E. Marinova, S. H. Tsoneva, S. A. Nikolova, I. I. Ivanov
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Kinetic analysis of ultrasound leaching of nickel laterite ore
Original Research Article
Pages 12 – 18
P. Paunović, G. Načevski, A. Petrovski, A. Tomova, A. Grozdanov, A. T. Dimitrov
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Palladium complexes containing dithiocycloheptanespiro-5'-hydantoin ligand. Synthesis, characterization, theoretical analysis and cytotoxic activity
Original Research Article
Pages 19 – 23
E. Cherneva, R. Buyukliev, A. Bakalova
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Elemental composition and some optical characteristics of Bulgarian beers
Original Research Article
Pages 24 – 26
K. Nikolova, G. Gentscheva, S. Minkova, C. Tzvetkova
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Chemical reagents for immunodetection of fluoroquinolones with determinable specificity
Original Research Article
Pages 27 – 31
I.A. Shanin, E.A. Zvereva, A.V. Zherdev, T. Godjevargova, S.A. Eremin
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Analytically confirmed synthetic cannabinoid 5F-ADB sprayed on “herbal mixture”
Original Research Article
Pages 32 – 35
I. D. Ivanov, S. S. Stoykova, N. T. Burdzhiev, I. N. Pantcheva, V. N. Atanasov
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Spectroscopic study of nanocomposites based on PANI and carbon nanostructures for pH sensors
Original Research Article
Pages 36 – 41
Anita Grozdanov, Aleksandar Petrovski, Maurizio Avella, Perica Paunović, Maria E. Errico, Roberto Avolio, Gennaro Gentile, Francesca De Falco, Aleksandar T. Dimitrov
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A static headspace GC-FID method for trace analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in waters
Original Research Article
Pages 42 – 46
Z. A. Mustafa, R. S. Milina
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Determination of brodifacoum, bromadiolone and difenacoum in commercial rodenticides by using high-performance liquid chromatography with UV detection
Original Research Article
Pages 47 – 51
E. S. Belyaev, S. V. Andreev, A. O. Ivanova, A. A. Ischenko
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Sample preparation and calibration optimization for ICP-MS analysis of copper, zinc, selenium, rubidium, strontium, magnesium, iron, molybdenum and barium in human serum
Original Research Article
Pages 52 – 57
D. M. Davcheva, G. K. Kirova, T. Z. Тsvetkova, D. D. Terzieva
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Nanoparticles-assisted MSIS-MP-AES hydride generation determination of As and Sb
Original Research Article
Pages 58 – 63
M. T. Kiryakova, E. K. Varbanova, K. K. Simitchiev, V. J. Kmetov
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Assessment of different approaches for background correction in microwave plasma atomic emission spectrometry – case study for analysis of Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb and Zn in treated bio-waste
Original Research Article
Pages 64 – 70
V. Y. Markova, K. K. Simitchiev
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Determination of silver in cosmetic products by microwave plasma - atomic emission spectrometry
Original Research Article
Pages 71 – 76
E. K. Varbanova, V. M. Stefanova
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General characteristics of silver nanoparticles analysis by single particle inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
Original Research Article
Pages 77 – 84
V. M. Stefanova, L. I. Kaynarova, D. L. Georgieva
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Magnetic assisted solid phase extraction of trace elements by APDC impregnated silica coated manganese-ferrite nanoparticles
Original Research Article
Pages 85 – 91
D. Georgieva, A. Ivancheva, Ts. Lazarova, V. Stefanova
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Amino acids in edible wild mushroom from the Batak mountain, Bulgaria
Original Research Article
Pages 92 – 96
L. Dospatliev, V. Lozanov, M. Ivanova, P. Papazov, P. Sugareva
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Suppressive effect of salicylaldehyde benzoylhydrazone derivatives on ferrous iron-induced oxidative molecular damage – evaluation of the structure-protection activity relationship via Raman spectral analysis
Original Research Article
Pages 97 – 102
V. A. Hadjimitova, N. G. Hristova-Avakumova, B. I. Nikolova-Mladenova, E. Valcheva
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Neo-clerodane diterpenoids from Scutellaria velenovskyi Rech. fil.
Original Research Article
Pages 103 – 106
P. I. Bozov, P. N. Penchev
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Surface coatings based on glycerol phase and waste polyethylene terephthalate
Original Research Article
Pages 107 – 112
N. S. Todorov
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Determination of carbonyl compounds in tobacco smoke and factors influencing their composition
Original Research Article
Pages 113 – 118
M. Н. Docheva, D. M. Kirkova, Y. G. Kochev, A. В. Stoilova
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HPLC analysis of flavonoids from Scutellaria altissima
Original Research Article
Pages 119 – 123
Y. Georgieva, М. Кatsarova, K. Gercheva, P. Bozov, S. Dimitrova
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Multicomponent reactions for the synthesis of bis-heterocyclic pyrrole derivatives
Original Research Article
Pages 124 – 128
Y. Stremski, D. Kirkova, S. Statkova-Abeghe, P. Angelov, I. Ivanov
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Study of the effect of structure on the kinetics and mechanism of the redox reactions of Fe(III)/Fe(II) complexes
Original Research Article
Pages 129 – 134
R. Khattak, I. Imam Naqvi
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The effect of bovine myoglobin on ultraviolet fluorescence of gadolinium-doped zinc oxide films
Original Research Article
Pages 135 – 137
I.A. Hayrullina, E. A. Boruleva, I.А. Nagovitsyn, T.F. Sheshko, A.G. Сherednichenko, E.A. Sarycheva, G.K. Chudinova
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Catalytic performance of LnFeO3 complex oxides for dry reforming of methane to synthesis gas
Original Research Article
Pages 138 – 142
V. V. Kost, T. A Kryuchkova, V. D. Zimina, T. F. Sheshko, A. G. Cherednichenko, V. V. Kurilkin, M. G Safronenko, L. V. Yafarova
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Effect of substituting Fe by Mn in GdFeO3 perovskite catalyst for CO hydrogenation
Original Research Article
Pages 143 – 148
А. А. Sharaeva, T. F. Sheshko, Т. А. Kryuchkova, L. V. Yafarova, I. А. Zvereva
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Electrooxidation and bioelectrooxidation of L- and D-ascorbic acids
Original Research Article
Pages 149 – 152
K. V. Kamarska, N. D. Dimcheva
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Balloon-borne measurements in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere above Bulgaria (N41-43° E24-26°)
Original Research Article
Pages 153 – 157
A. Terziyski, S. Tenev, V. Jeliazkov, N. Kochev, G. Dimitrov, N. Jeliazkova, L. Iliev, Ch. Angelov, I. Kalapov, T. Arsov
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Catalytic activation of PMS by Co3O4 modified g-C3N4 for oxidative degradation of the azo dye Acid Orange 7 in aqueous solutions
Original Research Article
Pages 158 – 164
V. V. Ivanova-Kolcheva, M. K. Stoyanova
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Automatic generation of molecular zwitterionic forms with Ambit-Zwit
Original Research Article
Pages 165 – 172
N. T. Kochev, V. H. Paskaleva, N. Jeliazkova
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Characterization and application of spent brewer’s yeast for silver nanoparticles synthesis
Original Research Article
Pages 173 – 177
N. S. Yantcheva, D. B. Karashanova, B. C. Georgieva, I. N. Vasileva, A. S. Stoyanova, P. N. Denev, R. H. Dinkova, M. H. Ognyanov, A. M. Slavov
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Utilization of essential oil industry chamomile wastes as a source of polyphenols
Original Research Article
Pages 178 – 183
N. S. Yantcheva, I. N. Vasileva, P. N. Denev, H. N. Fidan, R. S. Denkova, A. M. Slavov
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Isolation and purification of lipase produced from Rhizopus arrhizus in solid state fermentation by fractional precipitation
Original Research Article
Pages 184 – 188
A. P. Hambarliiska, V. T. Dobreva, H. N. Strinska, B. Y. Zhekova, G. T. Dobrev
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Luminescent properties of cerium (IV) -doped zinc oxide films
Original Research Article
Pages 189 – 191
A. Shulga, E. A. Boruleva, T. F. Sheshko, I. A. Nagovitsyn, A. G. Cherednichenko, G. K. Chudinova
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Biosynthesized silver nanoparticles: electrochemical application
Original Research Article
Pages 192 – 197
Y. L. Lazarova, T. M. Dodevska, A. M. Slavov, D. B. Karashanova, B. C. Georgieva
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Innovative treatment of livestock manure by a single – compartment microbial fuel cell with air-breathing cathode
Original Research Article
Pages 198 – 202
G. P. Peeva, B. N. Midyurova, V. A. Nenov
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Carbonaceous materials modified with iridium oxide as an electrochemical sensing platform
Original Research Article
Pages 203 – 208
T. M. Dodevska, I. G. Shterev, Y. L. Lazaro
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Coefficient of diffusion of tannins in extracts from physalis leaves (Physalis peruviana L.)
Original Research Article
Pages 209 – 213
S. T. Tasheva, T. A. Ivanova, V. T. Popova, I. Z. Iliev, S. S. Stankov, H. N. Fidan, N. N. Mazova, A. S. Stoyanova
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Chemical composition of the dill essential oils (Anethum graveolens L.) from Bulgaria
Original Research Article
Pages 214 – 216
М. D. Dimov, К. Z. Dobreva, А. S. Stoyanova
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Physicochemical characteristic of chia seed oil from Peru
Original Research Article
Pages 217 – 220
G. Uzunova, M. Perifanova-Nemska, Zh. Petkova, St. Minkova, Kr. Nikolova
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Fatty acids, phospholipids, health risk index and daily intake of metals in edible wild mushroom (Tricholoma equestre) from the Batak mountain, Bulgaria
Original Research Article
Pages 221 – 226
L. Dospatliev, M. Ivanova, P. Papazov
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Residual levels and tissue distribution of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in fish from the Danube River, Bulgaria
Original Research Article
Pages 227 – 232
S. K. Georgieva, M. Stancheva, Zl. Peteva
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Evaluation of paralytic shellfish poisoning toxin profile of mussels from Bulgarian North Black Sea coast by HPLC-FlD with post and pre-column derivatization
Original Research Article
Pages 233 – 240
Z. V. Peteva, G. N. Kalinova, B. Krock, M. D. Stancheva, St. K. Georgieva
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Estimation of THQ and potential health risk for metals by comsumption of some black sea marine fishes and mussels in Bulgaria
Original Research Article
Pages 241 – 246
K. Peycheva, V. Panayotova, A. Merdzhanova, R. Stancheva
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Quality-related changes of biologically active lipids in bluefish muscle tissue after cooking
Original Research Article
Pages 247 – 250
D. A. Dobreva, A. Merdzhanova, V. Panayotova
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Seasonal variation in fat-soluble vitamins, cholesterol and fatty acid profile of lipid classes of Rapana venosa
Original Research Article
Pages 251 – 255
V. Z. Panayotova, A. V. Merdzhanova, D. A. Dobreva, R. S. Stancheva, K. Peycheva
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Effect of thermal stress on the biologically active lipids of Mytilus galloprovincialis
Original Research Article
Pages 256 – 261
A. Merdzhanova, V. Panayotova, D. A. Dobreva, R. Stancheva
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A comparative study on chemical and lipid composition of amaranth seeds with different origin
Original Research Article
Pages 262 – 267
Zh. Y. Petkova, G. A. Antova, M. I. Angelova-Romova, I. Ch. Vaseva
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Lipid composition of watermelon seed oil
Original Research Article
Pages 268 – 272
M. Y. Angelova-Romova, Zh. B. Simeonova, Zh. Y. Petkova, G. A. Antova, O. T. Teneva
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Composition of residual lipids isolated from salinomycin
Original Research Article
Pages 273 – 276
Bl. S. Chuchkov, G. A. Antova
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