Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 51, Special Issue-A, 2019

A. Oxidative stress and human health


Circadian rhythm disruption and chronic alcohol intake: effects on oxidative stress levels and cognitive abilities
Original Research Article
Pages 7 – 11
M. Varadinova, M. Valcheva-Traykova, N. Boyadjieva
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Operative and postoperative oxidative status after experimental model of ethanol intake
Original Research Article
Pages 12 – 17
M. Varadinova, M. Valcheva-Traykova
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Behavioral effects of the subchronic Chaenomeles maulei fruit juice administration to healthy male rats
Original Research Article
Pages 18 – 21
V. A. Borisova, M. T. Eftimov, S. V. Valcheva-Kuzmanova
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Effects of gallic acid in a rat model of inflammatory bowel disease induced by trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid
Original Research Article
Pages 22 – 28
V. P. Marinov, M. A. Tzaneva, M. D. Zhelyazkova-Savova, S. Gancheva, S. V. Valcheva-Kuzmanova
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Biochemical evaluation of liver and kidney function after subchronic administration of Chaenomeles maulei fruit juice to rats
Original Research Article
Pages 29 – 34
V. A. Borisova, M. T. Eftimov, S. V. Valcheva-Kuzmanova
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Endogenous enzymatic antioxidants and oxidative damages predetermine in intracellular redox defense in normotensive pregnant women
Original Research Article
Pages 35 – 40
Yanka D. Karamalakova, Iliana M. Koleva, Galina D. Nikolova, Veselina G. Gadjeva
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Nitric oxide radical production increase during normal pregnancy and pregnancy complicated by preterm labor in a Bulgarian women population
Original Research Article
Pages 41 – 46
Iliana M. Koleva, Yanka D. Karamalakova, Galina D. Nikolova, Veselina G. Gadjeva
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Generation of plasmatic oxidative damages in patients with chronic venous insufficiency
Original Research Article
Pages 47 – 52
Y. D. Karamalakova, H. M. Abrashev, G. D. Nikolova, T.T. Kavrakov, V. G. Gadjeva
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Therapeutic use of Curcuma longa L. extract against Bleomycin- induced chronic oxidative stress
Original Research Article
Pages 53 – 57
Y.D. Karamalakova, G.D. Nikolova, Tz.K. Georgiev, V.G. Gadjeva, A.N. Tolekova
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Oxidative modifications caused by free radicals in hypertension
Original Research Article
Pages 58 – 62
Mariana Hristova, Galina D. Nikolova, Yanka D. Karamalakova, Detelina Y. Komsiiska, Margarit Penev, Veselina G. Gadjeva
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Defining the end products of oxidation of lipids, proteins and nucleic acids in patients with post-stroke depression
Original Research Article
Pages 63 – 67
Detelina Y. Komsiyska, Yordan C. Petkov
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Effect of bovine serum albumin on the UV spectra of 5-aminoorotic acid and its complex with Pr(III) in K, Na- phosphate buffer of pH 7.45
Original Research Article
Pages 68 – 71
V.Atanasova, C. Costanzo, L. Todorov, M. Valcheva-Traykova, I. Kostova
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  B. Natural antioxidants    

Antioxidant potential of wheat bran phenolics extracted with organic solvents
Original Research Article
Pages 75 – 78
M. A. Janiak, S. Renzetti, M. Noort, R. Amarowicz
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Effect of heat treatment on the antioxidant capacity of dry wheat bran
Original Research Article
Pages 79 – 82
M. Janiak, S. Renzetti, M. Noort, Amarowicz
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Antioxidant and neuroprotective effects of caffeoylquinic acids from Geigeria alata
Original Research Article
Pages 83 – 89
B. Dimitrova, V. B. Vitcheva, D. Zheleva-Dimitrova, R. L. Simeonova, R. Gevrenova
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Antioxidant activity and total phenolic content of five Salvia species from Bulgaria
Original Research Article
Pages 90 – 94
M. T. Tzanova, M. A. Gerdzhikova, N. H. Grozeva, S. R. Terzieva
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Phytochemical profile and in vitro antioxidant activity of Centaurium erythraea Rafn.
Original Research Article
Pages 95 – 100
D. Mihaylova, R. Vrancheva, A. Popova
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Study of the radical-scavenging activities and radioprotective properties of Bulgarian essential rose oil from Rosa Damascena Mill
Original Research Article
Pages 101 – 107
Yanka D. Karamalakova, Galina D. Nikolova, Natasha Kovacheva, Antoaneta M. Zheleva, Veselina G. Gadjeva
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Comparative evaluation of the radical scavenging activity of cocoon extracts from different silkworm breeds
Original Research Article
Pages 108 – 112
M. Tzvetkova, N. G. Hristova-Avakumova, L. A. Atanasova, S. L. Atanassova, M. Panayotov, V. Hadjimitova
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Physiological factors affecting polyphenolics production of in vitro cultivated Balkan endemic Sideritis scardica
Original Research Article
Pages 113 – 118
K. Danova, Y. Markovska, I. Aneva
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Antioxidant and prooxidant properties of artemisinin and epirubicin on in vitro biophysical models
Original Research Article
Pages 119 – 124
M. Zhelyazkova, V. Hadjimitova, N. Hristova-Avakumova
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Cytoprotective activity of Sambucus ebulus fruit extracts in conditions of oxidative tert-buthyl-hydroperoxyde induced cell toxicity
Original Research Article
Pages 125 – 130
M. Todorova, O. Tasinov, M. Pasheva , D. Vankova, D. Ivanova, B. Galunska, Y. Kiselova-Kaneva
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Preliminary studies on edible saffron bio-residues during different post-harvest storages
Original Research Article
Pages 131 – 136
I. Marchioni, La. Pistelli, B. Ferri, P.L. Cioni, A. Copetta, Lu. Pistelli, B. Ruffoni
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Effect of alga Undaria pinnatifida (“wakame”) extract on the quality evolution of chilled megrim (Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis)
Original Research Article
Pages 137 – 143
C. Campos, J. M. Miranda, M. Trigo, J. Barros-Velázquez, S. P. Aubourg
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Physicochemical characteristics of seed oil of Sambucus ebulus, Coriandrum sativum L. and Silybum marianum L.
Original Research Article
Pages 144 – 149
P. Radusheva, A. Pashev, G.Uzunova, Kr. Nikolova, G. Gentscheva, M.Perifanova, M. Marudova
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Specific ratios in flavonoid profile of fruits
Original Research Article
Pages 150 – 155
Silvia P. Tsanova-Savova, Zaharina А. Savova, Tsvetomir I. Dimitrov, Fanny T. Ribarova
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Beneficial effects of Clinopodium vulgare water extract on spontaneously hypertensive rats
Original Research Article
Pages 156 – 160
G.M. Nasar-Eddin, R.L. Simeonova, D. Zh. Zheleva-Dimitrova, R. S. Gevrenova, I. I. Savov, K.V. Bardarov, N.D. Danchev
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Biologically active substances with antioxidant activity isolated from the medicinal plant Galega officinalis L.
Original Research Article
Pages 161 – 166
A.T. Atanasov, V. H. Petrova-Tacheva, R. T. Todorova
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Effect of hypothyroidism and UV irradiation on antioxidant activity via hydrogen donation and electron transfer reactions in rat’s blood serum
Original Research Article
Pages 167 – 171
L. Todorov, M. L. Valcheva-Traykova, G. S. Bocheva
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Antioxidant activity of taxifolin derived from larch: synergistic studies
Original Research Article
Pages 172 – 176
M. N. Todorova, Y. D. Kiselova-Kaneva, I. Y. Potoroko, I. V. Kalinina, D. G. Ivanova, B. T. Galunska
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  C. Synthetic antioxidants    

Synthesis and preliminary antioxidant activity evaluation of new pyrrole based aryl hydrazones
Original Research Article
Pages 179 – 185
D.G. Tzankova, S. P. Vladimirova, L. P. Peikova, M. B. Georgieva
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In vitro assessment of the antioxidant activity of new benzimidazole-2-thione hydrazone derivatives and DFT study of their mechanism of action
Original Research Article
Pages 186 – 192
N. O. Anastassova, D. Y. Yancheva, М. А. Argirova, V. A. Hadjimitova, N. G. Hristova-Avakumova
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Synthesis and investigation of radical scavenging activity, neurotoxicity and neuroprotection of new theophilline hydrazones
Original Research Article
Pages 193 – 199
M.B. Georgieva, D. G. Tzankova, L. A. Andonova, M. R. Hristova, Al. B. Zlatkov, M.Kondeva-Burdina
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Effect of 5-aminoorotic acid and its gallium (III) complex on the antioxidant activity of rat blood serum
Original Research Article
Pages 200 – 203
L.T. Todorov, M. L. Valcheva-Traykova, V. Atanasova, I. P. Kostova
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  D. Homogeneous and heterogeneous lipid oxidation    

Description of a simple model that demonstrates that the rates of common thermally activated chemical reactions in oil-in-water emulsions are much slower than the rates of molecular diffusion
Original Research Article
Pages 207 – 215
Carlos Bravo-Díaz, Sonia Losada-Barreiro, Josefa Freiría-Gándara
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Enhancement of sensory acceptance of frozen mackerel by alga-extract glazing
Original Research Article
Pages 216– 223
M.Trigo, M. López, G. Dovale, J. Ortiz, A. Rodríguez, S. P. Aubourg
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Fullerene C60 conjugated with N,N-dimethylaniline - a hybrid antioxidant acting at high temperature
Original Research Article
Pages 224 – 230
R. Czochara, J. Kusio, G. Litwinienko
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In vitro protective and radical scavenging effect of bromo-salicylaldehyde aroylhydrazones
Original Research Article
Pages 231 – 235
E. Boyazhieva, I. Kadyova, N. Hristova-Avakumova, B. Nikolova-Mladenova, T. Traykov, V. Hadjimitova
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  E. Food analysis    

Antioxidant potential of kvasses
Original Research Article
Pages 239 – 244
R. Amarowicz, M. Janiak, E. Zannini, E.K. Arendt
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A comparative study on the methods of antioxidant activity in wild edible mushrooms from the Batak Mountain, Bulgaria
Original Research Article
Pages 245 – 250
L.K. Dospatliev, Zh.Y. Petkova, D.G. Bojilov, M. T. Ivanova, G.A. Antova, M.Y. Angelova-Romova
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Differences in amino acid composition of stem and cap of Morchella esculenta from the Batak Mountain, Bulgaria
Original Research Article
Pages 251 – 255
L. Dospatliev, V. Lozanov, M. Ivanova, P. Papazov, P. Sugareva, Zh.Y. Petkova, D. Bojilov
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Gamma-irradiation of nuts – EPR characterization and effects on lipids and oxidative stability: I. Hazelnuts
Original Research Article
Pages 256 – 262
Sv. M. Momchilova, S. P. Taneva, I. R. Totseva, Y. I. Nikolova, Y. G. Karakirova, K. I. Aleksieva, R. B. Mladenova, V. D. Kancheva
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Gamma-irradiation of nuts – EPR characterization and effects on lipids and oxidative stability: II. Peanuts
Original Research Article
Pages 263 – 269
Sv. M. Momchilova, S.P. Taneva, I.R. Totseva, Y.I. Nikolova, Y.G. Karakirova, K.I. Aleksieva, R.B. Mladenova, V.D. Kancheva
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Effect of gamma-irradiation on the chemical composition and antioxidant activity of dried black chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) fruit
Original Research Article
Pages 270 – 275
P.Deneva, D. Klisurovaa, D. Tenevaa, M. Ognyanova, Y. Georgieva, S.Momchilovab, V. Kancheva
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High-level gamma radiation effects on radical-scavenging activity of black chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) ethanol extract
Original Research Article
Pages 276 – 282
Y.D. Karamalakova, G.D. Nikolova, P.N. Denev, Sv. Momchilova, A.K. Slavova-Kazakova, V.D. Kancheva, A.M. Zheleva, V.G. Gadjeva
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Relative changes of retinol, α-tocopherol, β-carotene and astaxanthin in cooked edible mollusks from the Black Sea
Original Research Article
Pages 283 – 286
V.Z. Panayotova, A.V. Merdzhanova, D.A. Dobreva, L. Makedonski
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  F. Advanced methods    

Oximetry methods for evaluating the activity of nanoantioxidants (minireview)
Original Research Article
Pages 289 – 294
Riccardo Amorati, Fabio Mollica
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Optical methods for tracing the kinetic changes of red wines during technological processes
Original Research Article
Pages 295 – 298
St. Minkova, N. Hristova-Avakumova, V. Vladev, G. Gencheva, V. Hadjimitova, Kr. Nikolova, T. Trifonov, T.Eftimov
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Antioxidant scavenging capacity of Bulgarian red wines by chemiluminescent and stable free radical methods
Original Research Article
Pages 299 – 303
S. Minkova, N. Hristova-Avakumova, T. Traykov, K. Nikolova, V. Hadjimitova
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